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Criminal Defense Attornies    

Contact the law firm of Price, McCluer, & Plachecki  for criminal defense in homicide, robbery, narcotics, criminal sexual misconduct or other criminal charges. Located in Winona, Minnesota, Price, McCluer, & Plachecki offers professional criminal defense at an affordable price, and aggressive representation for injured persons. The Firm's lawyers are trial lawyers, not settlement lawyers - we will not hesitate to try your case to ensure that you receive justice!

The firm’s mission is to provide excellent legal representation at a reasonable cost to the individuals and businesses it represents. Founded in 1893, for more than one hundred years the firm has maintained an outstanding reputation by providing superior legal services to its many clients.

In addition to criminal law and injury litigation, areas of practice include family law and mediation, real estate, business law, estate planning and administration and civil litigation.

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In 2005, J.P. Plachecki and Richmond McCluer successfully litigated the landmark case of State v. Burbach, 706 NW 2nd 484 (Minn 2005) before the District Court, the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court.

read the Burbach decision

In 2012, Richmond McCluer was certified by yhe Minnesota State Bar Association as a Criminal Law Specialist

Criminal Defense for Narcotics and Sexual Misconduct Trials Criminal Defense for Personal Injury and Traffic Offenses

 Criminal Defense and Personal Injury

Criminal Defense For:

  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Narcotics
  • Sexual  Misconduct     
  •  All Felony charges and:
    • Misdemeanor
    • Gross Misdemeanor 
    • Juvenile Charges

Personal Injury Cases:
Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents • Wrongful Death Cases • Dog Bites

Contingent-Fee Basis for Injury and Accident Cases:
You don't pay a dime until we resolve your case, and we fight to make sure you receive every dollar you deserve. We also offer free consultations from our friendly and experienced lawyers.

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Minnesota Association for Justice

Minnesota State Bar Association 

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