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Guiding You Through Tough Family Times

At Price, McCluer & Plachecki, we understand how overwhelming and emotional the divorce process can be. We know this is not just a legal matter, but a deeply personal one that can impact your family for years. That’s why we are here to guide you through this challenging time with compassion.

Our experienced Southeastern Minnesota divorce attorneys will work with you to protect your rights and minimize the impact on your family. We will listen to your concerns and provide the support you need to make informed decisions. From negotiating a fair settlement to fighting for you in court, we are dedicated to achieving the most favorable outcome for you and your family. Let us help you navigate this challenging time.

Navigate Your Divorce With Ease

We understand how difficult divorce can be. That’s why we offer our knowledge in both mediation and litigation to help you navigate your case. Many courts require mediation before proceeding with a divorce. Our team is fully equipped to represent you in this process. We have experience with family legal concerns and all types of divorce cases and are committed to supporting you and your family. Whether your assets are modest or substantial, we can help.

Let Us Help You Through Your Divorce

At Price, McCluer & Plachecki, we’re here to help you through your divorce. Contact us today through our online form or call us at 507-384-6106 to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced team in Southeastern Minnesota is dedicated to helping you achieve a favorable outcome for your case.